Splitting invoices to account for installments

Hi, I am just looking into quick file and would like to know a couple of things about the invoicing system. My invoices need to have 3 payment instalments, with customised dates. Eg, 1st invoices issued would ask for 50% payment of the total balance to secure the bookings, then the remaining balance would be split in to two, next instalment to be paid 8 weeks before booking date, then the balance 2 weeks before. From playing around on the templates i could not see that is is an option that can be added in? Have i missed something?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @amber1

I’m afraid that there isn’t a way of doing this at present. However you may find the following topic useful: Recording deposits

Also, you might like to add your vote to the following feature request: Deposit recording

Feature requests are reviewed on a regular basis and popular ones are then considered for implementation.

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