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Spruce up client area

Just wondering if you are able to spruce up the default client area or add some templates for us to choose from. I know you allow customisation of the area, but I am in no position to attempt this yet make it look more professional.

I get lots of invoices arrive via Xero and the client area there looks so much better, and I do rely on my client area for my customers to view their invoices and manage their accounts etc.

Seeing as I have been paying for Quickfile now for a few years, is there any possibility of looking at this area at all?


Hello @NeilYoung

We’re certainly open to suggestions. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see? I’m happy to put ideas forward to our team for when they revisit this area.

Looking to it more, I actually think changing my colour scheme to one that isn’t a theme, so I will look in to that as you have a colour picker on the design screen, so I should be able to find something that fits with the company colours.

Again, looking at it, it would appear the client actually has much more control and features using my client area, than I do with those who send me Xero invoices - without having to log in, so there isn’t any problems with functionality.

I think the UI could do with a little tweaking. The menu bar along the top could do with matching that of the main UI. Have the menu items in line with the banner rather than appearing as a tab on top of the banner - just looks a bit 90’s maybe? - infact, I have just realised the menus can be turned off, so that could be an option for me … Although when enabled, the banner is quite thick.

I am just playing around with the colours, and although the preview updates, if I impersonate a client to see a real view, the colours haven’t actually changed, but the menus do disappear if I select that option.

I also can’t see an option for changing the colours of the Unpaid Invoices, Paid Invoices and Estimates. Has this got do be done via CSS or can there be a control built in to the designer to do this?

Where my logo goes, its a little squashed in the top left corner. Could we add a little more padding?

Hi @NeilYoung

Thank you for details! I’ll be sure to pass these on to the team for consideration when this area is next looked at. In the meantime, many of the edits can be made from within your own account (as you’ve noticed).

Things such as the menu bar were done differently from the main app as you can impersonate clients - it adds as an extra visual queue that it’s a different control panel as some people do log in on this part by mistake or forget they’ve impersonated a client.

With things like the padding, colours, positionings and more, you can alter the CSS if you have a Power User Subscription. I’ve included some links below which will hopefully help: