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Starling bank direct feed


Now that Starling is offering free business bank accounts to customers with an API available shortly, would QuickFile be interested in offering a direct feed to allow for seamless transaction integration?

I know it’s been brought up over on the Starling forums and I’m sure that there are a few people interested :slight_smile:

Note: For people wanting to try the bank account

Currently it’s only open to ltd companies with one Person of Significant Control. Support for sole traders & multiple PSCs within a company is being worked on.


Hello @P110

Thank you for your post!

We’re always interested in connecting with banks directly as this allows more reliable feed. However, it would seem they use the Open Banking setup to offer the feed (or at least, will be).

This is very much a work in progress for us and as soon as everything is complete with the FCA, then this is something we’ll be actively working on (more here and here).

I would also be interested in the thread you refer to regarding a link up with QuickFile and Starling - would you mind sending it over (in a private message if you prefer) and I’ll pass this over to our development team too?


QuickFile was mentioned here: https://community.starlingbank.com/t/statement-import-into-accounting-quickfile/4337

Where they were just ironing out a kink with csv exporting and importing

and here: https://community.starlingbank.com/t/quickfile-integration/4243


I for one would be interested in having integration with Starling Bank available, would love to be able to ditch my current bank.


I am moving over to starling so a feed would be greatly appreciated!


As of today, 5 June 2018, sole trader accounts are now available with Starling :slight_smile:
Woo! I opened my first business account (having just used a personal one in the past) from my bed this morning - it took 3 minutes (and 2 minutes of that was deciding which business category my services fall in to!!).


Hi @bsdc

We did see this yesterday on their forums which is great news! We also added a little update of our own:


…any update? News of this could swing my choice of which banking systme to switch to.



We did post an update on the Starling forum. I’ve copied it below for you:

We’ve built a proof of concept based on personal accounts using webhooks (to allow real-time syncing). We’ve decided to wait for the business APIs to come online, so that we can provide the most comprehensive support for all users.

As soon as we have our initial beta service ready I will update the thread here.

At the moment, there isn’t a public API for business accounts with Starling, but this is something they’re working on. I would imagine Starling would update this post publicly when there’s been an update:


…thanks for super-fast reply.

So, this will definitely happen and should be literally just a matter of weeks [rather than months]?


As soon as Starling releases an API for business accounts, it’s something I can offer a more confident timeline on. However, at the moment, we’re just waiting for Starling to release this.

As soon as it’s live, or we’re looking for testers, we’ll update our forum :slight_smile:


From Starling support just now…
“They have not committed to a time frame as of yet
It is something they are actively working on … I can understand this, but they may have a target but not one for a set firm release date or period as of yet.”


Hi There,
Just wondered if there is an update on the Starling bank feed progress at all. I cannot seem to find the Developer Roadmap to check the progress.



Hello @weconsultit

There is no update I’m afraid. The latest can be seen above, quoted below for reference:

As soon as it’s live we will update the forum, and it’s likely we’ll email our subscribers too.


Any update on the Starling feed for September?


Hi @ScrumpyJack

This is still very much a work in progress, and I’m aware our team have been working with Starling this week to try and get this up and running.

As soon as we have an update, we’ll be sure to let you know :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?


Hi @Renad

There isn’t I’m afraid. It’s still something we’re keen to complete, but still waiting on a few things before hand.

As soon as we have any progress, we’ll be sure to update you here and on social media.


Starling’s latest email says the API is enabled for business accounts now. So my question would be how long does it take for you to test and implement it?


Hi @briansmart

Because we would be offering a public feed (e.g. not one just for our own account), there is a more detailed process to go through with Starling. This includes being manually verified by them, which, being a manual process, does take a bit of time in itself.

It’s still very much on our radar and is in progress. It will be launched as soon as it’s ready.