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Starling bank direct feed


Thanks for the quick reply. I had a feeling it was a how long is a piece of string question. Good that you are still happy to answer queries in a forum though. Starling seem to have shut down that aspect. Perhaps it was taking up too much of their time.


Really looking forward to this. It will make my life much easier!


We’re working on this at the moment and will provide further updates shortly.


I’m looking forward to this - it’s the thing that’ll get me fully moved to QF from QBSE - especially since it’s automatic trip recorder has stopped working for me. Keeping my fingers crossed for some swiftness on both sides (and maybe to jump the gun, I’d definitely be up for helping test it out if you’ll be looking for testers)


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Hi Any update on this?



I set up a Starling business account in June ready to move my business banking over to it but have been waiting on Quickfile integration to ensure it all goes smoothly. I’d really appreciate an update as to whether this is likely to happen soon as I will look for a different business account that works with Quickfile if it is not.


Hello @wmcuk @Bloomincreative

The feed is currently in testing with a small number of QuickFile users. Providing this all goes smoothly (so far, so good), this will be live within the next few weeks. We will of course update you here to let you know when this is live.


So with Starling announcing their tie up with Xero, has Quickfile lost out to the competition?? When will Starling integration be announced and out of Beta?


Oh blimey, I wish i’d Known there was a beta to sign up to!



@jamkat28 @Jsmith9114 - I’ll send you a message shortly to discuss this.


If there are any changes that suggest starling will not be able to work with QuickFile I would appreciate this forum being kept up to date rather than explanations being moved to private messaging.


Hi @Bloomincreative

The feed itself is in testing at the moment with a small group of users. We start public messages, usually to get account details. In this case, it was to discuss users above joining the testing group, which I’d be happy to add you to if you wish (just drop me a private message with your QuickFile account details)?

Naturally, we’re unable to add every user to the testing, but as this has progressed we’ve added more to ensure it’s working as expected. The feed has been operational for a few weeks now with the small group of users, and we anticipate this to go live next week for all users.

We certainly don’t start private messages to hide details from being posted in the public - it’s more so to discuss individual circumstances or ask for more details which may not be suitable for a public forum.


Hi @QFMathew, I’m very interested in joining the beta programme, if possible.


@liamcooper1 - I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile:


Just wondering if I can join the beta programme too if its available for Quickbooks? :slight_smile:


Hi @ChrisCleary

We only deal with QuickFile on this forum, so I’m not able to help with whether or not this is available for QuickBooks.

However, the feed with QuickFile is now available for all users with a bank feed subscription. So if you have an account and a subscription, you’re more than welcome to set it up.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any help with this


I think I’ve spotted an issue with the Starling bank feed, I have a transaction from 2018/12/26 that is showing as £6.50 (€7.19 where £1 = 1.1062) in my Starling app but in Quickfile the same transaction is showing as £6.46 which means the balance doesn’t match up. I presume it’s to do with the exchange rate settling at the time of the transaction approval…


Hi @kaizen

That’s correct - it would be because of the exchange rate fluctuating.

We did raise this with Starling at the time as unfortunately they don’t tell us when something changes. It is hoped they will add they in H1 of 2019.

In the meantime, you’ll need to re-enter the transaction manually I’m afraid.


Hi, Can I flag up an issue I seem to be having please?
For some reason, When I do a Post Office cash deposit, It doesn’t seem to be transferred through to QF. All other credits appear fine, Anyone else having the same?