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Starling bank direct feed


Hi @Jsmith9114

That certainly sounds a bit strange? I’ll raise this with our team to investigate.


Thanks. I should say that it also misses off the Starling Bank Cash deposit fee transaction too.



Possibly related, cheque deposit also does not appear in the feed - neither at initial notification nor clearing.


Thanks @kaizen. I will log this with our team to review.


Hi Mathew
Just set up (yet another) new business using QF, and we’re in the process of selecting banks. I’ve also been offered a great deal to switch my business bank account for CAN Do Business Solutions to Starling. Can you confirm that I can do a direct feed from Starling now - I’ve already got a bank feed subscription that covers my RBS account…


Hi @EPICCarri

We certainly do! :slight_smile:

When you set up the bank account on QuickFile, ensure “Starling Bank” is selected as the bank (in the bank account settings), and providing you have a bank feed subscription you can set it up.

This is a direct link with Starling, and actually works in real time, so as a transaction happens, we’ll add it to your account. There are a few instances where things change (like the name of the company), so if these are missing when we receive the notification, we’ll update it overnight to make sure it’s correct for you.


Hi @QFMathew

Thanks for the speedy response - outstanding as usual (and one of the reasons I’ve just recommended you to a couple of my CEO coaching clients who need to take back control of their business finances from antiquated accountants :grinning:
That’s a fairly easy choice then…