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Starling Euro account feed

Has anyone had any success with getting feeds to work from both their linked Starling GBP and Euro accounts? All I can get is it feeding the GBP account data values into the Euro account and it treating them as Euros.

Hi 2sheds,

  1. Follow the steps in the article below:
    Starling Bank Feed

  2. If you come to this screen (below) you can choose between your GBP or EUR accounts.
    I hope this helps

Thanks…but I already did that and it doesn’t feed GBP to the GBP account and EUR to the EUR account: it only seems to do one or the other and if you chose the EUR feed, it treats GBP as Euros \o/.

Hi 2sheds,

it only seems to do one or the other

Yes, you can have only one account per feed, that’s right.

if you chose the EUR feed, it treats GBP as Euros

If you choose an account (EUR or GBR, on the screen where I posted a photo from) do these accounts have different account numbers on your end?

Hi @2sheds

I’m going to take this into a private message so that I can get a few more details from you.

Did you choose the currency has you created your starling account in quickfile?

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Hi 2sheds,
I just connected both (EUR and GBP) accounts to my quickfile account and it looks like it is working fine.
What I did:

  1. Created a Bank Feed for Starling Bank
  2. Created a new current bank account for Starling Bank (I called it Starling EUR), choose EUR Currency and clicked create/ok.
    3.went back to my bank account overview and clicked on Options and then on Activate Bank Feed.
  3. On the next screen I clicked the euro account.
    5 . I did step 2 (called it Starling GBP) and 3 again but in step 4 I clicked GBP account.

I hope it helps

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