Starting up with quickfile for existing ltd company

Hi I am trying to change the way I keep my bookkeeping and use Quick file to send a report to my accountant when they start prepping the accounts.

My ltd is over 6 years old, and so far I’ve been keeping records on excel spreadheets and forwarded that with all bank statements and receipts to my accountant.
My end of year is 31st March, so the last set of accounts that I have are from year ending 31.03.2018.
If I was to start inputing data for new year (ending 31.03.2019), I would have to input the figures from the last years balance sheet to get me started? Is that right? Where exactly do I put those number in. I uploaded a bank statement from the 31.03.2019, but I am a bit stuck…
I looked at company settings and can’t really figure it out. Do I just go ahead with tagging the transactions in my bank statement and add clients as I go along, month by month until I get to March 2019?
I am very much of a newbie and apologies if this has already been discussed, please direct me to the correct feed/post.

Hi @angelaA,

You should be able to enter your Year End Figures as a Trial Balance giving you the figures you need to start this year.

Account Settings > Import Data > Import Trial Balance

You may also find this guide useful : Importing data from another system

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Thank you very much @QFBeth. I will give that a go this weekend. I am a bit scared I will mess things up.


I’ve made a YouTube video about migrating to Quickfile.

It’s at this link.

There are 3 parts, the link above is to part 1.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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lovely, thank you @Darren_Smith! I will check them out.

Hi @Darren_Smith, thanks for the video, it is very helpful.

You don’t need to worry too much, If it goes horribly wrong you can just delete all the info in the account and start afresh. I spent a couple of months playing with Quickfile before I used it and just deleted the info previous to the start date (invoices and purchases to test customers etc), no issues either way.

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