Starting up

Two very basic questions: I am reviewing whether or not to use QuickFile and posted a couple of sales invoices into the system. I then went to see a p and l report which shows no sales posted. Is that because I have not yet subscribed (I thought I had a month trial) or am I doing something wrong.
Secondly, I will be putting most of my cash sales through an invoice which I will call till - I followed the example on the system and was surprised that I had to describe every line even though my sales category which I click on already does so. Is there a way to avoid that duplication?
Hopefully there is a simple answer to these. Thanks for your help.I suspect 30 mins with someone on the phone would sort out all my start up gremlins. Is that possible?

Hi @arthurmacm

Are the invoices showing as “Draft”? If so, this would be why. Draft invoices are just that - they don’t count towards your profit and loss or balance sheet in any way until they are sent (either emailed or posted to your client, or just marked as sent).

Which guide did you follow for this? We do have a “Cash register tool” which allows you to input takings and it creates the invoices for you. May be worth taking a look: Cash Register Tool

Unfortunately we don’t offer telephone support, but we try to answer all queries here as quickly as possible.

thanks for quick response.
It was in draft so first issue sorted.
re cash register, can you enter multiple sales codes for each entry? The single invoice method works ok but I was just hoping to avoid retyping each nominal code description.

No problem - glad the invoice issue has been sorted :slight_smile:

It allocates it to one sales code at the moment. Anything more than that would be individual invoices. Although perhaps the bulk invoice input tool would be a better option? The multi-invoice entry form

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