Statement Not Calculating Prepayment/Credit Within Outstanding Balance

Hi, my customer is querying a statement as the total outstanding balance is not taking into account their prepayment (which has yet to be allocated to individual invoices as the amounts do not exactly match) in the total outstanding balance.

Screenshot 2022-01-04 105308

The £267.60 prepayment is showing in the top right of the statement as a ‘credit’ although it is also already appears to have been included within the ‘Payments’ total shown just above it. So effectively, it has been added back onto the total ‘Outstanding balance’?

If you wish to show the prepayments as a separate total called ‘Credits’, then
prepayment amounts needs to be taken out of ‘Payments’ i.e. Payments should show as £2975.20 for it to calculate correctly. The actual outstanding balance is £242.00. Below is how customer expects it to read:
Invoiced: 3484.80
Payments: 2975.20
Credits: 267.60
Outstanding Balance 242.00

Invoiced: 3484.80
Payments & Credits: 3242.80
Outstanding Balance 242.00

I hope this makes sense and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi @mickrich

If I’ve understood correctly, your query is relating to a credit appearing in both “credits” and “payments”, is that right?

Hi Mathew, … As far as I am aware this issue only relates to ‘Statements’ that can be viewed, printed and emailed/sent to customers. So Yes, the credit figure is corrupting the total. If you look at any customer statement with some sent invoices, received payments and an unallocated pre-payment (a credit)…you will see that the statement doesn’t total correctly at either the top or bottom of the statement.
Hope this helps.

Hi Mathew. I didn’t hear back from you re my above response. Can I assume that this bug has been passed to developers to look at please? Kind regards Mike

Hi @mickrich

Apologies for that - your reply seem to have slipped past me.

Let me send you a private message so we can take a look at an example.

Hi @mickrich

Thanks for the details in the private message.

With the prepayments, these are not taken into account for the outstanding balance as they may not necessarily relate to the outstanding invoices (e.g. a deposit for another project).

You may be interested in our alternative statement view, which reflects the payments list that you see in your side of QuickFile.

There’s more information on this, here: Client Statement Issue - #2 by QFMathew

I hope this helps!

Hi Mathew

I’ve done what you’ve suggested (which sounds a great work-around for this particular customer), but unfortunately the statement looks exactly the same?

Am I doing something wrong? I’ve enable the ‘Experimental Client Statements’ in advanced settings but the statement view still says outstanding balance is £509.60 instead of the actual £242.00

This customer is becoming difficult with this issue, so your ongoing assistance would be most appreciated.

Kind regards

Mike Richardson

Hi @mickrich

The figures would be correct for the reason I mentioned above. The only way to reduce the outstanding balance is to allocate prepayments to the outstanding invoices.

Is there a particular use case that you have for not doing allocating the payments to reduce the outstanding balance?

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