Stripe Integration - Importing Transactions

Just a quick question about Stripe. I set it up through QuickFile and I assumed that it would work like PayPal, in the fact that it would download transactions automatically.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick with this one?

You need to export data from Stripe and then import into QF via CSV file, it is not an automatic process

Thought so, but just wanted to double check.

Is there a guide or anything to import the CSV file? I’m attempting it, mapping the columns, but it keeps giving me an error saying nothing was imported.

try opening the csv file exported from stripe, see if it has data in it or is it empty?

There is actually data there - only 1 row though admittedly.

I’m mapping the date, description, money in and money out (have also tried just ‘money’ as one column), as per the process, but it still throws an error.

PayPal has two elements to it, both of which are configured independently:

  • The ability to collect payments from invoice.
  • The daily automated feed that imports transactions.

The Stripe integration only has the ability to collect payments, no automated feed. This means that you’d need to download a CSV from Stripe and import it like a bank statement into the merchant account. Any Stripe payments collected through Quick File would automatically be added.

Hi @Glenn

I’ve downloaded a CSV from Stripe, tried importing it (Bank as “Other”), matched all the columns, but:

No Transactions Were Saved to Your Account
Please check that the columns in your CSV are correctly mapped.
It’s only got one line in it (file attached, slightly amended)

transfers.csv (865 Bytes)

For the record, I’ve mapped Date to Column 1, Description to Column 2 and Money to column 39 (also tried 41).

It’s likely to be these prefixed characters. The character set does not appear to be UTF-8. It may be worth having a word with Stripe about this. This character appears to be Japanese, although not 100% sure?

Copy this character, press CTRL+F, find replace with no value in CSV file and try import again

Ah! That’s a bit odd.

Opening the CSV file in notepad is actually showing:

41708,tr_103xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,STRIPE TRANSFER,pending,gbp,4.68,0,SOME BANK,1234,GB,1,5,0.32,4.68,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,5,0.32,4.68

No sign of any odd characters at all, but still not importing. Opening the sheet in Excel defaults it to currency (actually shows the £ in the cell), but when editing the value it’s simply a number (no symbols or other characters at all).

When I look in notepad I still see those characters. Definitely some weird encoding problem there?

I’ve just downloaded the version that was uploaded. Those weird symbols are actually “£”.
However, very oddly, they’re not on the original version saved to the computer!

Maybe this one would be better?
transfers.csv (785 Bytes)

Noticed an issue with the Date. Corrected this, and it’s worked.

Maybe the forum switched the encoding when it was uploaded?

The date format does appear to have 00:00:00 appended so yes this must be causing the problem. We’ll use your latest CSV and see if we can circumvent this in the code.

are you trying to export csv from balance history screen

@Parker1090 I know I mentioned this to you previously, we are now beta testing our integration with Zapier. This should allow you to automatically feed in your new sales on Stripe to QuickFile.

If anyone is interested in setting this up please reply here or send me a private message on the forum and I will provide further instructions.

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Go for it - no harm in trying! :slight_smile:

I’d like to try that Zapier (or any other) integration with Stripe, please. Let me know what to do. Thank you!

I believe our Zapier integration is now in Beta mode (No longer requiring an invite).

Can you please first register a new Zapier account and try to create a Zap with Stripe (New Charge) set as the trigger and QuickFile (New Bank Entry) as the action.

Our Zapier integration is available only on Power User accounts, so you would also need to obtain a subscription first before you can link to Zapier.

Let me know if you get stuck with anything.

Thanks! I’m not planning to upgrade to Power User yet, so for for the time being I’ll be dealing with Stripe manually…

I would be very interested in setting up an auto feed from stripe please