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Stripe Integration - Importing Transactions


Hi @HHHtreasurer

Zapier is available to all power user accounts now. You can sign up here: http://www.zapier.com/zapbook/quickfile.

It will guide you through the steps to connect both your stripe and QuickFile account, and also through the steps of the ‘zap’ itself.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help


Hello Glen

are you planning on creating an auto integration with Stripe dashboard as this would be a usefull feature.


Hi @Zcarsglobal

Do you mean like a feed, similar to the one offered by PayPal, or more of an overview of your Stripe account within QuickFile?


We would like it to work similar to the way the bank feed works with our account now at Lloyds it automatically updates into quickfile with new entries.

therefore the dashboard would show the current balance at any time.


As far as I’m aware the situation with Stripe remains the same as @Glenn’s post above:

However, can you achieve a feed like setup through Zapier.


We were asking if you are going to create an automated feed for the stripe account similar to the lloyds account


The bank feeds are provided by Yodlee, who are a third party service. We’re not aware of them adding a feed for Stripe as they mainly support the banks and building societies here in the UK and further afield.

We have no plans for a direct feed either unfortunately. If Stripe were to add an automated way of pulling in transactions similar to PayPal, then we could certainly revisit this.

But as I mentioned above, Zapier can almost offer you a live feed if you set it up correctly, as this can just pick up transactions as they happen and create a new bank record.


I have set up the zap, all working well just had a question… how do I reconcile the payment received with my main bank account?

I guess I should use the Transfer between accounts option from the Stripe holding account to automatically move these over but how are the fees recorded? The fee data comes over with the zap should this not also create a transaction in the holding account?




With Stripe they give me a tax invoice once a month detailing the total fees deducted that month, and I make a purchase in QuickFile from that and mark it paid from the holding account. I don’t list each separate transaction fee individually.


Hi Ian, not had an invoice from stripe yet but that sounds like a good option. Thanks


From memory, Stripe usually invoices around 5th of each month, for the previous month’s transactions. So May’s invoice would be issued around 5th June.

They don’t send these to you by email either, you need to download from the Documents area in your Account Settings (on Stripe).


I have heard there are a couple of accounting software in the market that provide bank feed like integration with Stripe.

One of my clients really wants this automated and is struggling with Zapier.
He was told Xero does it now.

And I just got an update from one of the new boys in the market - PANDLE that they do it and they are the first ones to do it.

It will be nice if QF is able to do it too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We’ll certainly look into this.

In the meantime we have created a ready made Zap for importing Stripe transactions, this should eliminate any manual configurations:



Hi Glenn

Any joy on this?



It’s on our mid-term planner (2-4 months).


I have just created a zap between QF and Stripe for a client. he already did some of it and struggled to finish it.

I think I have managed to sort it out. However, I don’t see his QF account generate a Stripe Holding account.
When does the stripe holding account is created in QF or do I need to create it?

Or have i gone wrong somewhere…

This is what the stripe home page showing the zap looks like:


Hi @Sameera

The holding account would need to be created manually directly in your QuickFile account.


This is how the connected accounts look like.


Thanks, is there a step by step instructions I can follow?
I tried to search on the knowledge base and this forum but nothing showed up.


Hi Mathew
based on the screenshots, are you able to tell if the zap looks okay?