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Stripe Integration - Importing Transactions


It’s difficult to tell without seeing the actual steps, and even the details of each of those steps.

Zapier does have built in “test” buttons which will run the zap on a select number of triggers; it’s certainly worth giving that a go, or even reaching out to Zapier support who could see more of that end of things.

If you do run into any problems however, please let us know and we’ll certainly try to help




We’re in the final stages of developing our native Stripe feed. It should be ready within 2 weeks if you’re willing to wait?



All tests show that connections are okay.

I was just confused with the creation of holding account.



Glenn, this is amazing news!

I will let my clients know. There are quite a few who use Stripe and a native stripe feed will make them very happy :smile:

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I just wanted to let you know that our Stripe feed is now available for Beta testing. It’s probably not wise at this stage to enable this feature for all your clients, however if you’d like to provide me with the account numbers for maybe 2-3 you’d like activating we can definitely set that up for you.

Please drop me a private message with the details.



many thanks. I have sent you the message.