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Submit VAT in Affinity using client GG credentials

I have a client who I am not VAT agent for as they have always prepared and submitted their own VAT Returns. I have added them to my Affinity dashboard but they still want to submit their VAT returns themselves. Is there a way to add their Government Gateway user credentials so that the submission comes from them. As I’m not their VAT agent I can’t submit the return. Thank you.

Hi @SharronY,

I believe it is only the account Admin that can change the VAT settings, so if your clients are the administrator on the Quickfile account then they can just add as normal, however if it is the Affinity account that has the admin privileges this just means that you will need to alter the settings for them to allow MTD submission and make sure their VAT number is correct.

They will need to register for MTD themselves in the usual way.

Hope this helps

Thank you - the Affinity Account has the admin privileges and the client has already signed up for MTD, so what settings do I need to change? I can’t see anything obvious.

Hi @SharronY,

here is a guide to make sure that it is set up correctly: HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Perfect - I think that’s going to work, just need the client to login on for me. Thank you for your help.

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I have a Quickfile account which I am the creator and admin of and my Affinity agent managed to change my VAT settings.

Hi @Lurch,

I stand corrected, anyone can change the VAT settings whether they are the main admin or not

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