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Subscription Expiration Reminder Power User

My Power User subscription expires shortly.
I have just had my QF account linked to a new accountant with Affinity.
Would I still need to renew my power user subscription or am I now under the accountants Affinity account?
I seem to remember that when previously linked via Affinity I didnt need to have the power subscription?

Edit- Also it appears after reading other threads that Im on an older version of QF which has different settings for vat returns. please could I be updated. Thanks!

Hi @westcountryepc

If you’re linked to an Affinity account, then you’re spot on - the subscription renewal is optional. If you are disconnected from the Affinity account at a later date and your account is graded as L or XL, then you would require a subscription at that point.

It’s worth noting that the Power User Subscription does come with some additional features which you would lose if it’s not renewed.

We’re rolling out the newer VAT return for cash accounting, so you should be migrated soon. If you’re on accrual accounting for VAT, you should already be on the new one.

great thanks Mathew. Yes Im on cash accounting so will wait for that.

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