Subscription reminders

Hi hope someone can help me. I received a reminder for payment of subscription because I went into the large company threshold for ledger entries last year for the first time. This year I am back in the medium company threshold for ledger entries but still I have received the payment reminder. How can I opt for the free subscription?

Hi @Linda

If your account is graded as M, the subscription is optional. It does come with some additional features, which you can see here: Power User Subscription

Some users do opt to have it optionally due to these features, so you will still receive the reminders.

Hope that helps!

Thank you I didn’t realise it was optional. In that case it won’t terminate my account if I don’t renew?

If your account size shows as M or below on your settings page then no, it won’t lock you out, but if you have used any of the Power User only features like some of the more advanced customisations then you’ll lose access to those without the sub.

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