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SumUp integration

Hi, I’ve just signed up with SumUp to take cards on the spot. SumUp offers very interesting rates for card transactions (1.95%) and no mothly fees. That’s what pushed me to sign up (all other are well above that). I used it a few times and never had a problem with that. I created a holding account for that purpose but automate the payment would be a +++++

They have a developer section with API on the site

Is there any chance to integrate it with QuickFile?

thanks for your time


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I too would like this to happen… or if I get chance, i’ll see if I can write my own integration for this simple and perfect card payments.

They also have a checkout api as well!

It’s not exactly a full integration but I have written a simple app which takes an exported Sumup CSV report and parses it into a CSV file suitable for uploading into a merchant bank account in QuickFile

I can let you have it if you are interested (Windows or MacOSX)

Its about time… many small businesses are opting for the small card processing options rather than the hugely expensive mainstream options

Hi, I’m new here and try to setup my quickfile account at the moment. I have already integrated most of my bank accounts and holding bank accounts. But now I’m struggling with Sumup (payleven before) integration. I use this card payment service for many years and happy with them. Now I try to find out how to get a automated bank feed? Is it possible or does quickfile (yodlee) not support sumup at the moment (if not, is it in planning for the future)?

Thanks for your help

I would also like sumup integration.

I have started using Sumup and would like integration with quickfile. Having relied on bank transfers, cheques and cash until now for my business, I purchased a Sumup Air to give my customers an easier way to pay me, but am now confused as to how I will account for the percentage fees which sumup deducts before paying me.

There’s an article in the knowledge base section about merchant accounts and payment providers in general, but the basic idea is that you represent SumUp as a “merchant” bank account - payments from your customers are “money in” to the account for the full amount of the payment (without deducting fees), the settlement payments that SumUp send to you are bank transfers from the merchant account to your current account, and the fees are “payment to a supplier” out of the merchant account. You don’t need to itemise the fee for every transaction separately, you can just account for it once a month based on the summary statement they send you.


Thanks for replying Ian…very useful I think I’ve got my head around it now and just set a merchant account up. I will also read the article over the weekend too. I am still reeling at how well the card reader worked and am wondering why I didn’t start using one sooner! All the best, Julian

I know this was over a year ago, But I would be interested in this please.

Also, another vote for intergration with SumUp please


Hi Jsmith9114,
You can add your vote here (top left corner) SumUp feature

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