Supplier credit note visability

When trying to allocate payments to supplier invoices, credit notes are not visible.
I have to track back to view invoices and this gets a bit messy when there may be a dozen
credits to each supplier account.
Is there anything I can do in the settings to view credits when allocating payments?.

You don’t allocate incoming payments to credit notes in QuickFile. Whenever you create a credit note and hold the funds on account, it adds to the “prepayments” balance on the supplier. You need to use up these prepayments to part-pay the next purchase, by clicking “log payment” and then “apply from credit”. This will reduce the unpaid balance of the new purchase and that will be reflected when you tag a bank payment transaction using “pay down multiple invoices”.

I am fully aware I sound like a broken record, but… someone keeps banging on about this constantly in the hopes something will be done about the credit notes/credit accounts handling as no-one finds it intuitive.

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