Supplier Payment Notification Inconsistent

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There seems to be some inconstancy as to when Supplier Payment Notification Emails are offered as an option when paying single Supplier Invoices and no option at all when paying multiple Invoices for the same supplier.

Single Invoices

From a supplier screen click on an outstanding Invoice from the recent purchases , click log payment and this
option is displayed “Send an email notification to the supplier”

From the supplier screen click Outstanding , tick the same invoice , click Update as paid here no option to “Send an email notification to the supplier” is given.

So can when add the “Send an email notification to the supplier” when clicking Update as paid that works with single and multiple Invoices.

The way I get around this at present is Update as paid multiple Invoices - print out the payment and email to the supplier which is very long winded.

Thanks Ant

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Hi @Antalach

I’ve passed your feedback to our team to see if anything can be done here, and will let you know if we can change this.

Hi ,

Any update on the subject re allowing email notification of payment multiple invoices?

Hi @Maria

We are going to take another look at this in the next week or so. We’ll update you once we’ve had a chance to review this request.

I would 2nd this request, and also say the same about customer multiple payments being the same. Thanks

Hi @SimplyCoatings

Just wanted to clarify this point - if you are paying down multiple invoices for the same client, there is a way to list all the invoices the payment has been allocated to, but it depends on your email template.

There’s more on this here: Payment Notification Emails

That is great, thank you for clearing that up.

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We’ve made a slight change to the “Update as Paid” dialogue on the Purchase Management screen.

The remittance email checkbox will now appear when you select the option to allocate one lump payment to multiple invoices.

In order for this to work you will need…

  1. The supplier record to have an email address configured.
  2. The email template for remittance notifications to include the @PaidInvoiceList@ token.

I hope this is helpful.

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@Glenn Hi

This is great , but can I push a little more could we add a Supplier Ref to @PaidInvoiceList@ at the moment its a date and amount list , the supplier ref would really help the suppliers and I’m sure @Maria would benefit as well.

Cheers and thanks for looking at this

Makes sense, we’ll see about getting that added in the next week.

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We had a look at this and it would appear the supplier reference is already included in that list.

Providing the purchase has a reference saved here:


It will output to the list as follows: