Supplier Reference field size

Has the size of the supplier ref field changed recently?

I was putting ref’s in the other day and they seemed to fully fit in, but today when i tried putting one in the field seems to be restricted (very small), and after checking my others seem to have been trimmed.

my supplier ref’s are too big for the amount this box now allows and the new feature was helping me in weeding out duplicate entries.

examples of my supplier refs and lengths

now only allows = SLINV5/01962

now only allows = IN18PP130025

are just a few suppliers, can this be looked at asap as i dont know if the used before for ref is correct as some invoices i have duplicates printed ?

We’ve not made any changes here that I am aware of, will check on Monday. I can see the max field length is 12 characters on the purchase entry form, if anything larger is pasted in it truncates back to 12 characters.

We can certainly consider extending this although it will need to be done as part of the next release.

I agree that it would be handy being bigger. Up until now, I’ve just put up with it as we always have the corresponding document uploaded with the full reference on. But yea, it gets my vote :smile:

We’ve just extended the character limited to 25, we should have that live this afternoon.

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many thanks, just need to check i haven’t duplicated any lol.

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The supplier reference field was extended to 25 characters last August, but entering the supplier reference at the receipt hub the field size is still limited to 12 characters.

Could the supplier reference field in the receipt hub also be extended to allow for the 25 character entry?

Thank you @alan_mcbrien, it seems it might have been overlooked, we’ll see that’s implemented across the board.

That should allow 25 characters as soon as we make the next release.

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