Supplier VAT Number Field

Hi All,

I know the supplier VAT number field exists because of this post here

But I can’t find it for looking. Can anyone point me in the right direction

Thanks again

Hi @vickywhite,

If you find the supplier you want to add the VAT number to, then when you’re viewing their details you want to click modify details at the top:

you can then enter the VAT details:

Hope this helps

Hi Beth, thanks for the fast reply.

I can see the ‘Modify Supplier Details’ button but I don’t have those VAT settings after it’s clicked. Do I need to enable VAT for my QuickFile account? Sorry, I am a brand new user

Apologies I have found it. Once I checked ‘VAT Registered’ in my company settings the options appeared in the supplier record.


Hi @vickywhite,

If you have not enabled VAT on your account then this is probably why you aren’t seeing the VAT settings for your supplier.

If you aren’t VAT registered then you don’t need to worry too much about the VAT number for your supplier

If your not vat registered then you shouldn’t be enabling vat options. It will mess up your profit and loss report.

Oh I didn’t realise. Thank you

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