Tag a uploaded Credit (Supplier Refund)

I’m sorry, this sounds a really simple question but I can’t remember how it works.

I have uploaded my bank statements which included a credit line. This was a refund for three earlier tagged Invoices from the same supplier. When I click tag on the credit line and select “Refund from a supplier” then enter supplier name I get message:

“No qualifying purchases could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding purchase has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.” Why doesn’t it find the 3 earlier tagged Purchase Invoices?

So I go to the 3 invoices and for each, I manually create a Credit Note. I get the message like "This is a credit note made against purchase #QF00007. GBP 100.00 has been refunded to ‘…Bank Account’.

How do I tag the single uploaded credit line of say £300 to the three manually created Credit Notes of £100?


Hi NickW,
You should use a 2nd bank account, a kind of holding account. If you don’t have one already then create one. This account is quite useful for other things too. What you need to do then is to tag the refund as a “bank transfer between account” and use your holding account.
Enter the amounts of your 3 invoices, which were refunded, manually (each as a separate line). This will/should balance this holding account. Then tag each line, which you entered manually, to the purchase invoices as a refund/credit note.
I hope this helps a bit.
If not, here is a similar thread:

QuickFile can’t do a credit note derived from more than one invoice/purchase at a time - you can either do a separate credit note derived from each purchase, refund those to a different bank account, then tag the £300 money in as a transfer from there to balance it up, or you can create a single £300 credit note that is not derived from any of the original purchases, by simply creating a new purchase and setting the amount to minus 300 pounds.

These ad hoc credit notes don’t allow you to hold funds on account for use against future purchases, they have to be refunded there and then, but as you’re trying to process a refund that’s fine. Saving the “negative purchase” will create a new pre-tagged transaction for the refund on your bank account, then you delete the untagged one.

hi @rhc,

Thanks for the guidance. I’ve got it sorted now. One thing I did slightly differently was instead of manually creating three (invoice) lines in the new holding account I manually created the Credit Notes against each of the actual invoices and then selected the new Holding account as the refund bank account. That generated the three lines automatically.


Hi @ian_roberts,

Thanks for your guidance. I’ve got it sorted now with the credit note against each invoice option refunded to new holding account.


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