Tag salaries to projects

It could be useful to be able to tag salaries with projects. This would allow better reporting of projects expenditure. Staff working on specific projects (or even funded by specific project funders) could have their salaries, PAYE, etc. tagged.

Taking it to another level if a certain proportion of people’s salaries could be apportioned to specific projects that would be great for any organisation (particularly charities) that are trying to do full cost recovery (FCR).

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Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll leave this thread open for others to comment or add their +1 for this feature suggestion. In general then next area we will be looking at for projects it the ability to bulk tag items.


Being able to tag wages/salaries to multiple projects would be very useful. Any chance of being able to do this from the bank statement view? Currently the bank-statement view doesn’t allow you to show tags. Sometimes we need to assign HMRC/PAYE/TAX to certain projects as well since this overheads needs to be taken account of in project costs…

At the moment project tagging only works against invoices, purchases, estimates and purchase orders. Unfortunately applying to bank or nominal entries is not support and I believe technically it’s quite a challenge to implement this without a significant redesign.

We may however in the future support manual adjustments, but I don’t have a timescale for this just yet.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your prompt response. Essentially what would be really useful would be the ability to add the project tags on the bank statement view for the transactions. I wouldn’t want to hurry the change, but essentially I really like QuickFile and much prefer to sage/xero/quickbooks but soon we will require to submit project based accounts and it would be great if we could continue to use QuickFile instead.

Perhaps you know of another way of creating a report which specific expenses tagged to it. Unfortunately, the custom report tool is a little bit too general and I cannot pick specific overheads and salaries and purchases for any one particular project.

Thanks for your help,

Custom reports work on a nominal code level, to get this working on a project basis would mean posting specific sales and purchase invoices to specific nominal codes. This would quickly result in a large number of nominal codes for all the different projects you’re working on and would not likely be practical.

The project tagging tool will give you 90% if what you need in terms of reporting but there’s no way to tag things like salaries and bank entries into the report at this time. I think given what you’re looking for it would likely require some manual piecing together of the data.

We will of course review this in time but I can’t say exactly when right now as we are committed to a number projects that will keep us busy for the next few months.

This feature would be really useful. We would like to be able to tag salaries - would an option be to be able to apply a project tag to a nominal account.

We have now introduced a very flexible way in which you can adjust project calculations to include other generic items. They are referred to as Project Adjustments and are covered in detail here.

You can certainly use this to factor in salaries and any other non-invoiced items.