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I hope someone might be able to help. I have just finished putting all my first quarter’s books onto QuickFile. Unfortunately I’m noticing some inconsistencies with tagging bank transactions that I can’t get to the bottom of…

I have some regular transactions which aren’t associated with invoices (e.g. bank charges, transfers to reserve account, donations, etc). On some when I entered them for the first time I was offered a tick box to remember the description and automatically tag similar transactions. This is a great feature and a real time-saver as I can just click the orange ‘Confirm’ button on all that apply.

However, this didn’t happen on some other regular transactions, and I’m left manually tagging each similar transaction as I enter them.

Is there a way to ‘force’ the system to recognise two or more similar transactions which have already been entered, and then ‘remember’ those descriptions for future entries?

Hi @StuartCookson

Were the bank tagging rules created before or after the transactions were entered?

The rules will only work if they existed before the transactions were entered. Unfortunately the rules will only work if they existed first, and there isn’t a way to run them after they’ve been entered.

There is a feature request for this that you may wish to add your vote/comments to:
Re-Run bank tagging rules

Hi @QFMathew

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have posted on that thread, as suggested, but it also led me to a feature which I hadn’t found before - the ability to edit tagging rules. I think that’ll do the trick for me, so thank you - I don’t actually need to automatically re-tag older transactions as I don’t have that many yet.

Thanks again for your help.

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