Tagging past refunds

I’m importing records to QuickFile from an ad-hoc system. I have refunds from suppliers in the past in the bank transactions. I also have refunds to clients in the past. I can’t find a way to create the proper records. Whenever I try to create a credit note or negative purchase, Quickfile creates a new fictitious bank transaction immediately today, instead of letting me connect it with the past transaction. If I try to tag the past transaction, Quickfile tells me there’s nothing to associate it with yet. So I’m stuck.

Edit: A related question — how would I create a credit note that I don’t pay immediately?

For refund transactions that don’t exactly match the total of an invoice the system already knows about, you have to do the credit note route and QuickFile will create a new transaction for that, but that transaction will be at the date you selected when creating the credit note - let it create the new transaction and then delete the untagged duplicate.

Yes, that is exactly what I am complaining about. Why should I have to delete the real bank transaction (imported from my statement) and have a fake transaction that does not exist, on the wrong date? What if (as in this case) the transactions are in different financial years?

Because your creating credit notes after the event happend. Your basically raising a credit for a credit issued in the past. It isn’t what QF was intended for so obviously you need to find a work around to sort it. It’s not a bug or issue it’s the way your going about things.

I don’t know why you can’t just create the invoice that was refunded with the correct invoice date then tag the original bank transaction for the payment then tag the actual bank transaction credit as a credit against that invoice. No more duplicated transactions no more messed up dates.

Many thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it’s uncovered something else.

I created an invoice to cover everything the client ever owed us. This resulted in a credit balance, since they’d overpaid. This credit balance showed up in their client record. Then I found the bank transaction where we refunded the client, and tagged that against the invoice. This time QF offered to allocate the refund to the invoice and created a credit note. Hurrah!

But the credit balance on the client’s record did not go away. It shows up under “prepayments”.

If you mouse over the “prepayments” column, it suggests that you might be able to assign the prepayment to an invoice by opening the invoice and choosing “log a payment”. However, I don’t seem to have that anywhere.

Furthermore, on the “client management” list, the balance shows as zero (in green), but when you view the client, it shows as positive. That can’t be right, surely?

Again, many thanks for helping me make progress with this.

Just to pick up on this point - when you create a refund credit note the transaction that QuickFile creates has the same date as you selected when creating the credit note. So if you want it to replace an untagged transaction from your feed then you simply need to date the credit note to match that transaction date.

I think actually in this case the way to fix it is not to create a credit note at all - you’re not refunding the client for something you’d previously invoiced and then subsequently decided to credit, you’re simply handing back money they paid you that was not invoiced in the first place. The way to handle this situation in QuickFile is another slightly clunky and hidden facet but once you’ve done it once you’ll know where to find it in future

  • delete the credit note entirely
  • find the original overpaid “payment”
    • there’s a few ways to do this, you can click the green “tagged” button on the bank transaction and click the link to “This payment” in the pop up, or you can go to the summary page for the client, view all payments, then “advanced search” and select the type “unallocated” to find payments that have not been fully “used up” on invoices
  • on the payment details screen there’s a button at the top to “refund balance”, select the account and date, QuickFile will create a pre-tagged money out transaction on that date in that bank account, and the payment will update to say balance refunded to client.

I’d say this in general is related to the confusing way Quickfile handles (or rather doesn’t handle) credit accounts?

I certainly find it confusing. You can post an invoice and pay it later, but you can’t post a credit and refund it later.

But displaying a different balance for the client on different screens is not just confusing. I think it’s a bug.

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