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The Payroll Site - Setup for Affinity Account

Hello - I am trying to find out how to connect “The Payroll Site” with my Affinity Account.

Just noticed there is a topic posted on the below link but I am struggling to follow it in my Affinity Account:

Unfortunately I cannot find the the following route in Affinity:
Help >> Additional Services >> QuickFile Marketplace…

Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @akeshani

The Payroll Site is not connected to Affinity, but to the accounts you’re managing under Affinity.

Help >> Additional Services >> QuickFile Marketplace

The above path should therefore be followed once you’re logged into the QuickFile account.

Hope that helps, but let me know if not.

Hello @Glenn

Thanks for your message.
I cannot login separately into my individual QF accounts.
The only way I can see my “profiles” is by going to Affinity dashboard and then logging into my profiles separately.
Or maybe I am confused!

Hi @akeshani,

So, Log into affinity and then log into one of your QuickFile profiles, when you are logged into one of those you can then go to Help > Additional Services > QuickFile Marketplace

Hello @QFBeth
I cannot find help in my dashboard. Please see attached snapshot

Hi @akeshani,

If you have not got the options then you just need to add * /services/marketplace * to the end of the url for example:

Test company would be testcompany.quickfile.co.uk

so you would then go to testcompany.quickfile.co.uk/services/marketplace

Hope this helps

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All sorted.
Thanks for your advice!


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