Transfer customer and supplier details to new account

We are becoming a Ltd company and need our customers and suppliers full details inc address and contact information transferring over to the new account. How do I do this?

Plz read this and related articles Create a data backup schedule

The export function doesn’t include the full customer details as far as I can see. It missed out all the address details for example

If the data backup not suitable for your needs, I think, the quickfile support team can do this for you.

How do you get in touch with them?

If you run full backup it will give you zip file folder with lots of file including Client_Ledger.csv which will have all details address etc everything

I think you have to wait until tomorrow morning. They will read this here, or click on QuickFile and send them a private message by clicking on Message.

I had a quick look.
From your back up, use the client/supplier ledger and you get all the data shown above in the screenshot.
Hope that helps

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Thank you for your help

Hi @WicstunElectrical,

Did you manage to copy over your contacts ok? Or would you like us to take a look for you?

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