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Transfer or coppy

How to…
transfer data from Qf account to another QF account?

I have a mess around with my firs QF account but there is a lot of important data which I want to keep or transfer to another one.

I have tried “export data” > “import data” but this is a completely useless way and I’m losing lots of data going this way. I’m losing such a thing like my client surname, for example, an much much more.

Is there any other way, especially between QF accounts?

Many thanks

Hi Adam_Domagala1,
if you try to tranfer your clients/suppliers than go to Sales/Clients/More Option and click Export Data (before select all clients you want to transfer. The same for Purchases, go to Purchases/Suppliers select all the supplier you want and click Export Data. Later you can transfer/upload the data to your new account, for which you need a new email address (you can not use your current one)
Please keep in mind setting up a new account is most of the time more time consuming than fixing the current one. I don’t know what your “mess around” is bat as I said most of the time is fixing quicker.
I hope it helps a little bit.

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Hi @Adam_Domagala1,

You could also do an account bank up Create a data backup schedule for you to then import again.

By mistake is a LTD not SE…

Thank You I will try this way…


Creating a data back up schedule is looks easy abut how i can import all in one go?
Import clients
Import suppliers
Import sales invoices
Import purchase invoices
Purchase bulk entry
Sales bulk entry
Import trial balance
Import Inventory items

nothing like “Import Backup data”…

Hi @Adam_Domagala1,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to import all in one go. You will need to import as you have stated in your message above.

I’m waiting over 24h to receive my backup data on my email. Still, nothing. How long is that normally taking?
Also if data from backup will be saved in the same way as it was by manual data export I will have still the same problem with data:

  • payment status (not supported)
  • Surname (not supported)
    more more more more more data will be missing when I do “data import”… This is a very uncomfortable a specially when is happening between QF accounts… But I will see as I said, still waiting for backup data…


Hi @Adam_Domagala1,

I have sent you a private message to get some more information from you in relation to the delay in receiving your email.

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