Transfering from Quickbooks Desktop

I’ve been a Quickbooks Desktop user for many years, but as the Desktop version has now been discontinued I am considering the very daunting process of switching accounting software. My business is only small, but is VAT registered and I was planning to use bridging software to meet the new MTD requirements but I am starting to wonder if switching software now to Quickfile might be worth considering. I’ve looked through various topics on how to import data but I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the thought of it all. Is there by any chance a demo version of Quickfile that I can look at to see how it operates (I couldn’t find one), or must I sign up and start using it to see this? I’d like to see if the functionality is similar to Quickbooks before I make the decision to jump because I am very nervous about switching.


Hello @ATP

There is no demo version , but the live version is free for the first 1000 nominal postings and you can wipe the data if required allowing you to test it as much as you want.

You could run it alongside your own accounts for a period to compare them.

To give you an overview of the switching process please see the links below

Hi - many thanks for your reply. That’s a good idea, I will check out the advice in the link and give it a go.

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