Treatment of non specific credit notes

I receive credit notes that do not refer to specific invoices. How do you advise the best method for processing this type of credit note on quickfile?

Hi @marksenior

You may want to have a look at this recent topic:

This will hopefully help. If not, please feel free to come back to us :smile:

i don’t think that covers my situation, I should have explained in more detail.

I am referring to a credit note received from a supplier.

In this case I may have 40 invoices from this supplier in any month. Every month, we return products (faulty) back to the supplier and the credit note is sent to us. However, the credit is not specific to any one supplier invoice. So I was enquiring as to how best to process these supplier credit notes through Quickfile.

For further clarification, we pay this supplier once a month and we deduct the credit note from the payment made.
I hope I have explained this better.

Ah, ok. I’m not 100% sure on this one I’m afraid, so you may be better off waiting for @Glenn or another forum member to help.


My only suggestion is to go into the relevant invoices that the Credit Note would apply to, and manually credit the correct amount. However, there may be an easier way - hopefully someone will advise on this for you!

Within Quick File if you are credit noting an invoice to hold on account (i.e. to use against future invoices) and that sum exceeds any individual invoice, you’d need to make it up by credit noting multiple invoices until you’ve reached the balance. There’s no way to log one credit note to be held on account against multiple invoices.

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