Trialing advanced functions

Just looking into migrating to QuickFile. Is there a way to trial the advanced functions to check suitability.
I want to see how I can customise invoices for different brands in my company, hopefully do the same for POs, estimates, statements etc. and connect those brands with specific clients.
Just want to check it’s what I need without losing an annual fee if it isn’t.


Hi andythornton
That is a really good part of quickfile you can customise a lot specially with the power subscription you have a lot of choice to make “your own” invoices, estimates, emails and so on. But you need a bit knowledge of html and css coding.
May this article is helpful for you: Advanced Customisation Tools

But I’m not sure can you set for every customer a different Invoice template.

Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t need a template per customer, just 3 or 4 different ones for brands. I don’t do html programming. This is why I’d prefer to see what’s involved before I buy.

Hi @andythornton,

You don’t need the power user subscription to customise invoices, this option is available to all levels of users.

There is a guide on this here : Customising your invoice design

Thanks, I found that but it didn’t seem to allow saving multiple templates. I need 3 or 4 differently branded document sets (invoice, quote, delivery, statement etc.) depending on the customer category.

Hi @andythornton,

It sounds like you’re wanting the trading styles? I will send you a private message now to get some more information from you

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