Two minor usability things on "bulk purchase screen"

A couple of relatively minor tweaks I’d love, which would make my “accounts prep” just that bit easier…

Firstly, a simple one…

When I select a supplier from the “top section”, all new rows are pre-populated with the supplier name and account category.

However, they are not pre-populated with the default VAT rate for purchases from that supplier.

It would be lovely if they were.

Secondly, a more complex one.

When I go to the page, it presents me with the “top section” in which I can choose a supplier, then a couple of pre-filled blank rows.

The first thing I tend to do is select a default supplier for this batch.

That pre-populates NEW rows (when I click the plus button) but doesn’t change the “existing default two rows”, which need filling in by hand (or deleting and creating a new row… which is annoying because I can’t delete the only row.)

The suggestion would be to say “If I select a default supplier, and haven’t yet made changes to the two default rows, then update those two rows with the same details that any new rows would have prefilled… (or delete them and create two new rows, which would amount to the same thing.)”

Hello @MarkHarrison

Thank you for your suggestions.

I have put this forward to the development team and will update you hear if anything changes.

@MarkHarrison When you select the supplier you can click the Update "Tick " button next to the select supplier dropdown. This will update the supplier for existing rows.

I personally think the lack of default VAT rate is a bug, all the other forms pre fill the default , including the bulk invoice entry. See.

I have added this to the request I made to the development team for you.

@John6 - thanks - it hadn’t occurred to me to click the “Tick” buttons. That works.

@QFSteve - also thanks. It’s not a huge thing, but a rough edge that hopefully won’t take your devs too long to fix.

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Hello @MarkHarrison

If you go in via the supplier account the defaults are pre selected for you.


Or as @John6 mentioned above use the tick option.


The default VAT rate for any newly created rows will also be added with the next update.