Two Paypal accounts - dual posting - help!

When I first joined QuickFile I opened a bank account to input all PayPal activity into. I also linked my Paypal account to QuickFile to deal with the transaction from that date onwards. I didn’t realise until I’d listed historical transactions up to the date the Paypal account had been linked that there were in fact two accounts, the ‘bank account’ and the ‘merchant account’, when I realised this I transfered the funds out of the ‘bank account’ into the merchant account with the intention of using just the one, linked account.

I noticed that the ‘old’ bank account has money in it now (although it shouldn’t as I’d transferred everything out) which must have been done automatically by QuickFile…how do I stop the Paypal transactions going into both accounts please?

You most likely set up a ‘Bank Tagging Rule’ to transfer the funds automatically to the wrong PayPal account, you need to delete this rule and untag all transactions from the current account tagged to the wrong PayPal account, you can then set up a New Tagging Rule to the correct account.

It’s related to your payment settings for your PayPal integration (Account Settings >> Payment options):

You should probably change this to “Do not deposit to bank” or point it to your actual PayPal account, i.e. the one the feed is linked to.

Thanks Glenn, I’ve removed the tagging and change the account it posts to now. Should I delete the transaction already posted (in error) to the ‘PayPal Balance’ bank account?

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