Unable to change template when creating new invoice

When creating a new invoice I cannot change the template so terms and conditions change.

I have 2 separate templates both have different bank details can you advise how I can resolve this.


Hi @Daren_Shaw1

Just to make sure I’m on the same wave length as you, are you trying to set up two different sets of default terms and conditions to use on your invoices?

Or is it more of you have the templates set up, but you can’t change the default terms for either of them?

I have set up 2 invoice styles both with different bank details but in new invoice no where to swap.

So basically
Template one has bank details for main account
template two has bank details for client account

In new invoice I cannot see a way to switch the invoice style.

The templates that have been set up can be used with different trading styles (and set up under Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Additional Trading Styles).

You would then need to edit a client and set them up to use a specific trading style which would use the assigned invoice settings automatically: