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Unable to set default VAT rate for clients

I understand that I should be able to set the default VAT rate to apply per client in their settings.
I just dont see this field.

I do have a similar option for Suppliers.

Where do I set the default rate to apply on sales invoices?

Hi @Neltec

A default VAT rate isn’t supported at a client level I’m afraid, only on suppliers.

The only way to set a default VAT rate is to use inventory items, which you can set a VAT rate based on that item in particular. So rather than typing out the whole line, you would just select the item in the first column of your invoice, and it prefills the rest for you.

Would that work in your case?

Not really.
Im surprised the knowledge bases has multiple articles referring to default VAT rates by client.

In our case we have clients in the UK, EU and overseas. We deliver the same products to each.
It is their location rather than the product which therefore defines the VAT rate.

I could create individual Inventory items for each vat situation/product but this would be more complicated than just selecting a vat rate manually.

Presuming that client records used to have VAT rates why do they no longer?

Can you let me know where you’re seeing this in the knowledge base please and I’ll get this updated for you?

Do you mean the actual rate or more of reverse charge/out of scope?

I mean all of that yes.
I dont see the purpose of these settings (out of scope, reverse entries) on the client record if they are then not transferred to an invoice.

Re knowledge base articles just search for default VAT code on sales invoice and a number will become apparent.

Thanks for your help but it seems this is something which has been changed from earlier functionality to make it less useful. Most odd.

They’re not automatically applied, but they are there as options. There’s an example in this in a previous post: Set default vat rate on sales invoices to no vat?

The same thread is actually a feature request, so please feel free to add your vote at the top.

Regarding the articles on default VAT rate, unfortunately I still can’t find any so I would appreciate it if you could post some links for me to take a look at (and get updated accordingly). However, I have found quite a few on the default category, which is something we do support (also known as default nominal).