Unexplained amount in nominal account 2100 Creditors Control Acc


I have £53.64 in the red column for nominal account 2100 Creditors Control Account. I am struggling to account for this as all my supplier balances are zero.


I would say it’s most probably a pre-payment. Have you tried looking in the supplier list? Within the advanced search click to show credits? If you order the results you’ll get a list of suppliers with whom there is an allocated credit that is not yet linked to an invoice.

I have looked at the Suppliers List, with Show Credits in the advanced search.

All credits are showing £0.
Total invoiced & Total paid all balance.
Account Balance for all suppliers = £0.

I have had a good look around and cannot account for the above. I do not use Purchase Orders as such, all items are purchased up-front. I suspect there may be a bug.

  • I have noticed that QF00110 is missing, maybe this is the problem?
  • QF00078 is of a similar amount. I may have inputted the amount for this Purchase incorrectly and subsequently modified it but cannot be sure.

Are you able to look at my accounts for me?


My colleague identified the problem here. You’re looking at the year 2012/2013 in the chart of accounts. Change this to “all time” and the £53.64 will disappear, that’s because you have purchases (#QF00007 & #QF00004) that were raised in one accounting year and paid in the next.

Thank you very much for your fast response!


Not a problem, glad to help!

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