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Up date bank feeds

On both my quickfile account the bank feeds have stopped and the update bank feed has disappeared how do I get this back

Hi Catherine_Wright,
If you have used yodlee bank feed it has stopped working for banks where an Open Bank Feed is available.
If you already used an Open Banking feed it has to be renewed every 3 month.
You may find the info you are looking for here: Managing Open Banking Feeds

I hope this helps

Thank you for your response. I have opened bank feed again and input the information when I get the notice all is well from the bank. so I go bank to the banking section and the correct account but activate bank feed is still not there??? I have used quick file for 2.5 years and am used to reactivation the feed but the link has disappeared. It would be great if I could talk to a human that can check the account???
Thank you

Hi @Catherine_Wright

It’s likely to be down to a setting on the bank account. Please see this post here: Lloyds bank feed issues