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Upload of TSB Bank Statement broken

Uploading a TSB bank statement normally works seamlessly. But today it fails with this error: “Please ensure each data field is mapped to a unique column”.

Columns in the CSV exported from TSB are:

Transaction date Transaction Type Sort Code Account Number Transaction description Debit amount Credit amount Balance

Please fix asap!

Same for me too with HSBC, usually works fine, but today seeing - Please ensure each data field is mapped to a unique column.

Hi both,

We have reported this to the dev team to investigate

@khb @Matt_Barfoot - we’ll send you a private message now. Would you mind upload a copy of the CSV file there, please, and we can look into this further?

You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

Same problem and message for me, trying to upload from TSB.

After two years of doing this weekly I now cannot upload a csv bank statement from TSB. The message QF gives me is “Please ensure each data field is mapped to a unique column” which means nothing to me. Could this be a problem with TSB, QF or my computer operating system?? Grateful for any direction.

I think there is a known issue Upload of TSB Bank Statement broken - #5 by bobemmerson

In the meanwhile, You can also use “other banks” when you upload your statement, this way you can map the column on your own.
Hope this helps

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Thanks rhc, I did that and it worked.

Hi @bobemmerson,

I have merged your post with this one to keep everything in one place. The dev team are aware of the issue so we will update here once fixed

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