Uploading receipts via Quickfile app


I normally upload my receipts via the Quickfile app, but they don’t seem to be appearing on my account’s page any more. On the app they show as pending, but nothing is making it up onto my account.

Can anyone help?

many thanks,

Hi @Magicalwynn

The iPhone app was actually retired over 2 years ago. It would have continued to work as the ‘behind the scenes’ set up still remained.

However, this was changed in early September, which would prevent the app working.

You can find the original announcement below, which also contains some alternatives you may find useful:

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RIP rest in peace iPhone app, that is the way of this peculiar world, something that works well is retired off. Destruct what has been created. DO SOMETHING - AND - MAKE IT WORK. I am not an iPhone user but have seen it work well in the past.

Better to keep customers onboard. That means consistency.

So, the job that QF is on is some sort of learning track that the string has no end. No wag with you dismissing a good way of entering a simple receipt.

Au voir chi chi.

The issue with the iPhone app was keeping it up to date at a reasonable rate and cost. However, with support for emailing receipts and Dropbox also available, the option is still there to upload receipts from a mobile device, just with other apps.

I personally use CamScanner and Dropbox (on Android), but Dropbox now has a built in scanner and cropper tool. It means for some users, they can use an existing app for the same job, is just as easy and quick, and takes up less space on their device too. It would just depend on the level of functionality you require.

I believe the Dropbox feature is somewhat new though, but it’s worth a look :slight_smile:


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