Using a zap to allocate Stripe transfers to invoices in banking

When a customer pays an outstanding invoice via Stripe, the payment is allocated to the sales invoice in Quickfile. The problem is that the total transferred amount is shown as untagged in banking, including invoice payments and other payments. The receipt needs to be tagged in banking, but this cannot be tagged against the sales invoice as this is already updated as paid.

Hi @Zcarsglobal

When someone pays for an invoice via QuickFile using Stripe, the transaction is automatically created and tagged for you. I assume that you’re using Zapier as you mention ‘zap’? If that’s the case, you would need to amend the zap to prevent the duplication of the transaction.

I’ve just spoken to a colleague about this. We’ve logged it on our planner to add a “do not log” option on the payment integration with QuickFile, which would prevent the duplication. Watch this space - we’ll update you shortly :slight_smile:

[Edit 2]
@Zcarsglobal - just to let you know, you can now select to now deposit the payments to the bank:

That would prevent your duplicate transactions from showing.

Hope that helps!

The problem is that the banking, uploaded into Quickfile online, shows a transfer from Stripe, which may be made up of several payments and may include payments for invoices, as one receipt into the bank. In the sales ledger, the customer will have allocated their payment against an invoice and therefore the invoice is logged as paid. However, the transfer from Stripe which includes the customer’s payment, will show up in the banking as untagged. If you wish to tag any of transfer against the sales invoice, there is nothing to allocate the payment to as the invoice is already logged as paid.
To be clear, when a customer makes a payment for an invoice using Stripe, the payment should not be logged against the relevant invoice and therefore the invoice remains unpaid and can be tagged in banking. Otherwise, the customer’s payment should show up in banking, as a tagged receipt, and the amount can then be discounted from the total Stripe transfer. Otherwise you will register the same receipt to your ledger twice, once when the invoice is paid, and then again when you tag the receipt in banking.

Do you use a holding account for your Stripe payments?

It should be treated as a merchant account, in essence creating 2 transactions. You would have:

In your Stripe holding account:

  • a money in transaction tagged to the invoice itself (e.g. £50.00)
  • a money out transaction for the fee tagged to the Stripe invoice (e.g. £1.00)
  • a money out transaction for the transfer tagged as a transfer to your current account (e.g. £49.00)

That way, each invoice has it’s own payment attributed to it, plus your bulk payments are tagged to coming into your current account in one go.

There’s a guide to merchant accounts here.

I hope that helps?