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Using Quickfile for a Malawian charity

I’ve been using QF for years with a few organisations in the UK and I’m a big fan.
I’m helping a small Malawian charity set up some financial recording and reporting systems and I’m going to suggest that they use QF.
I read this thread Can I use Quickfile if I'm outside the UK? that says it’s really not recommended, but that’s 7 years old, so wondered if the advice had changed? I know the multi-currency features have been developed a lot since then.
We will be operating primarily in Malawian Kwacha, but also have GBP accounts.
We don’t need to use any of the integrations, online filing or the like, just want to keep track of receipts, produce P&L, Balance Sheet and Project reports.
Is there anything in particular we would need to be aware of - or that people know from experience are a massive pain - not being a UK-based organisation.

Update (as an edit because topic has been closed to new replies): When trying to set this up we encountered an insurmountable obstacle: the Malawian Kwacha is not available in the multi-currency settings, so without being able to set up our main current account in our main currency it wasn’t usable for us.

Hi @AsherJac

QuickFile isn’t recommended for outside the UK all of the reporting is done in GBP so any invoices created in another currency would be converted to GBP for the reports.

You’re welcome to give it a go but you may find that it doesn’t work for what you need it to

Thanks Beth. We don’t issue invoices, our income is through donations - a good deal of which are in GBP from the UK.

Reporting in GBP to the Malawian board may be an issue, but we’ll give it a go and see how it works.

There’s not much accounting software that’s made for the Malawian market.

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Hi @AsherJac

Just to add to @QFBeth’s post above, although the reports are in GBP, you can quickly convert it to another currency on both the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports:

Not sure if that would help?

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