Can I use Quickfile if I'm outside the UK?


Can I use QuickFile if I’m based outside the UK?Does QuickFile support different currency’s? And can I mass update the prices in the inventory,for when my prices change daily on the products?


Currently Quick File is suitable only for UK based companies trading in GBP currency. Although Quick File supports multi-currency sales, purchases and banking, all base reporting is in GBP.

We do intend to develop Quick File to work in other jurisdiction and this is part of our long-term roadmap. At the moment however I do not have a specific timeframe for implementation. I would however advise you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to obtain updates on this area.

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Hi Glenn,

Any update on this. Our company is in South Africa and we serve clients all over Southern Africa. Most countries are on VAT system (slight change in percentage) but all other functions are the same as UK.

Changing the BASE currency is critical to using the system though.


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I’m afraid this is not an area we are looking at or plan to look at in the foreseeable future (next 12 months). Modifying the software for different jurisdictions is quite a significant undertaking and is not something we have the resources to explore at this stage.

Sorry to disappoint!

I suggest that we talk about a deal.
I would ask for at least one thing: To allow me to indicate in invoices where my company is based (it’s not in the United Kingdom).
You ask me for something that you need.
I would like to get to know you and to understand the Quick File project better.

Although there are technical limitations, there are also some fundamental commercial limitations that are holding us back. Namely the inability to monetize markets outside of the UK. Just partially enabling features for non-UK users will lead to a poor experience for most overseas users and we would rather put in place the correct resources before embarking on this.

Apart from the Pound symbol being replaced by no symbol or ZAR there are a few small considerations.

The ability to set the input and output (vat collected and paid ) percentage. Some african countries have 14 to 17 %.

eg … in SA we have a few
Z = Zero rated
E= Exempt
S= Standard rated 14%
N=non tax

i think this could be done with minimal impact.

However, there are many online systems available now and i think the pricing and integration abilities are the most important.

We deal in QBO and Xero and are the leading Vendpos dealers in Africa. a Proper interface into Vend would go a long way in successful numbers.

Im happy to consult.

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I am running a small company in UK now and using QuickFile for a year now, its a great software. Now I am also start to do act as a sole trader in Germany, and wanted (of course) to use the same software - but it turned out that its not possible to change the base currency, what a pity. I would vote also for giving this optioon, at least maybe as kind of a beta or on special demand for testing - but at the same time I understand that it will not be possible for you to monetize this as your services are targeted solely for UK.

Unfortunately it’s a bit more complex than changing the base currency, there are all kinds of additional localisation, timezone and naming considerations that would need to be made. Also as you pointed out we do not have a revenue model outside of the UK so any expansion at this time would be hugely prohibitive in terms of cost and resources. This may change in the future but, it’s not something we’re actively exploring right now.