Using SMTP TLS for mail settings


I am using Office 365 for my email system. I am sending invoices out but getting bouncebacks indicating an SPF DNS record issue because the email isnt coming from O365 directly. I have tried to setup outgoing emails through O365 SMTP but it requires TLS. Is this an option?



Mmm it does look like Office 365 only support TLS. Unfortunately we only currently support SSL for SMTP servers. I can refer this to our dev team but I can’t say for certain when we will have time to look at this.

Here’s another option…If you go to your domain host you can ask them to add the following SPF record:

This means that we are still sending your mail however when the receiving server checks the DNS they see that our server is permitted to send on your behalf. This will improve reliability.

I just came across this post. To quote the accepted answer:

TLS (Transport Level Security) is the slightly broader term that has
replaced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in securing HTTP communications.
So what you are being asked to do is enable SSL.

Have you tried enabling SSL on Quick File to see what affect this has?

Here are the SMTP details for Office 365.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your responses - TLS is a slightly heavier authentication process than basic SSL. I did try it and it just times out, then tried without SSL enabled and get an no TLS response back saying that needs secure login.

The DNS is managed by O365 so will see about editing it and adding the additional record in there. I doubt that will be a problem.



From the error message it’s the SPF check that’s failing. I’m pretty sure adding this will solve the problem. I found this guide on the Microsoft site:

Customize an SPF Record to Validate Outbound Email Sent from Your Domain

Ok so on the small business plan on O365 you cant add additional SPF records through the control panel…

Have setup the entire DNS on my own control panel + added the extra SPF reference and have changed nameservers. Give it 24 hours and should all be fine!

OK let me know if that works for you. In Gmail you can check the authentication headers in the email to test if the SPF passed. Once the name servers have propagated you can send a dummy invoice to me ( and I can let you know if you wish.