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UX Feedback: Auto-tagging applicable pending transactions after a tagging rule has been created

Although I’m now set up, this feedback goes back to when I was setting up…

Imagine I’ve uploaded a few thousand transactions and I’m now going through them and tagging them. As I go along, I’m also creating tagging rules to make things easy for me in the future.

After creating a tagging rule, what I would really loved to see was something like this:

“There are another 189 untagged transactions which match this rule. Would you like to auto tag them?”

Without that, I had to keep searching for the text string myself and bulk tag for every 50 transactions. So what the UX could have done for me there and then, I had to do myself. I might sound spoilt, but the experience is particularly painful when you have to do this again and again for each supplier.

Xero, QuickBooks and (I think) Wave do this, so please consider it as a way of making the first experience even more awesome.

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