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UX Feedback: Make it possible to customise tagging rules whilst tagging an item

At the moment, when I come to tag an item, it offers me the chance to tag future items with a similar transaction description.

I see that there is some logic going on to strip out unique reference ID’s from the string it should match against, but it’s far from ideal.

I do realise that the string can be edited by going to the Bank Tagging Rules section later on, but what I’d really like to see is some type of in-place editing to customise the text which it should match against.



Take the following as an example:


The system offered to create a rule that contains “NONREF , NWBDM” which is of no use. What I really need is to make arule based on “JAIMIRO GUISSEPP”, but the only way I can do this is in the main bank tagging section which adds several steps and page loads.

Simply converting the “NONREF , NWBDM” into something which can be edited inline would eliminate all of those steps and page loads.


I also asked for this improvement quite a while back so I hope the development team can make the text selection editable while tagging.
The inability to edit while creating the tagging rule is a pain, due to having to stop tagging, come out of the banking page to edit a rule almost every time.

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Just to try and keep them all referenced to each other.

QBO, Xero and Wave all let me customise rules during the tagging process and I’m wondering why QF does not and if it has any plans to? Separating the processes is torture.