VAT Adjustment: Incorrect Figures Submitted to HMRC: Vat return failed but now won't let me go back to those dates

I am in the process of filing our first VAT return for 1 June to 30 November, as the start date was back dated by HMRC. I came up with an error as it did not recognise that period and found a similar topic which had said I should submit first 1 Jun to 31 Aug and then do the second period. I did this but it is now showing the error - By ChRIS : The VAT Period you have entered 2013-08 for the VRN 171380127 was not found, please check and resubmit if necessary.

It won’t let me go back to those dates to re submit and now my VAT return has gone through but only 3 months of the 6 months. Any help appreciated!

Only one VAT return should have been submitted for the period 01 Sep to 31 Nov, you entered the ‘Vat Filing Start Date’ as ‘01/06/2013’ therefore all the transactions would have correctly been pulled into the first return.

You now have 2 options to correct the VAT return:

Option 1: Adjust the Next VAT Return:

You may correct the errors by making an adjustment on your current VAT Return i.e. 01/12/2013 to 28/02/2014 if the net value of the errors is less than this threshold detailed below:

  • £10,000, or
  • 1% of the box 6 figure required on the VAT return for the period of discovery, subject to an upper limit of £50,000.

Use the figures on the failed return to adjust the next VAT return as detailed below:

Option 2: Notify HMRC:

Alternatively, you can submit a VAT652: Notification of Errors in VAT Returns form to HMRC and they will adjust the VAT Return for the period in question.

thanks for this reply. It wouldn’t let me submit the full 6 months period unfortunately which is why I did what I did. Will have to fill in the form by the look of it. thanks

The transaction would have been pulled into the first return, from the VAT filing start date of 01/06/2013.

You don’t need to fill in the form, if you prefer, you can adjust the VAT return for quarter ending 28/02/2014, as shown in option 1 of my response.