VAT drop boxes on purchase orders

I’m trying to enter a purchase order onto the system, everything is fine except that I can’t see the VAT rate selection drop boxes. A I doing something wrong? Do I have to do anything to make sure they appear on the screen??
I’m using Mozilla Firefox browser.
Thank you for reading.

That’s correct, you don’t select VAT when issuing a purchase order as it’s down to the supplier to determine whether or not VAT should be applied.

But surely I put the po on the system so I can send it to a supplier? Or should I just do this sort of thing as a purchase rather than a PO??

A purchase order is a formal way of requesting goods/services from a supplier, Quick File allows you to create these and email them to your suppliers. A purchase invoice is entered when the supplier has actually acknowledged the order and issued their invoice. It’s the invoice that has a financial impact on your account, POs are just formal requests.

With a purchase order you don’t declare any VAT as it’s ultimately down to the supplier to work out the VAT. Also they may not even be VAT registered.

Ah, ok, I’ll have another look at that then. Thank you.

Hi both

I’m having a similar problem when I’m logging payments - it’s not letting me specify a VAT amount and I’m having to resort to including this information in the notes section. There must be a tickbox I’ve not checked in the settings somewhere, but I can’t find it.

I was wondering if the software requires me to enter my own VAT details in order to do this? There’s a problem in that case, since what I earn is beneath the VAT threshold.

I’d be grateful for any advice you can provide please! :smile:


@SteveCWD I’m not sure this is related to the original posters question, which is about VAT on purchase orders. You don’t specify VAT when logging payments as it’s the invoice that defines the VAT not the payment, e.g. if you log a £120 payment to an invoice which is £100 + vat… the VAT on the payment will be assumed as £20 based on the invoice.

Are you registered for VAT with HMRC? If you’re not then you shouldn’t be logging VAT at all as your books will be incorrect.

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