Vat invoice for EU business cutomer

I sell on Amazon and I if sell to UK based business customer I create normal invoice like 10 +2%vat, but how to prepare invoice for EU customer? Can I make 12 with 0% vat?(they pay 12 not 10)

Hi @awariat

Do you sell digital services at all? If not, you should be charging VAT at the standard UK rates of 0, 5 or 20%. Reverse charge should only be applied if they have supplied their VAT number to you to show they are​ registered.

If you sell digital services to other EU countries, it becomes a bit more complex because of VAT MOSS rules.

However, I’m not an accountant, and I would certainly recommend running things like this past yours to be sure it’s correct.

Hi Matthew. We sell normal goods. How can apply reverse charge on invoice for customer. I can’t see this when I try create invoice(it is on purchase invoices). You mean 0 VAT?

The same setup applies to clients as it does with suppliers - you need to select them as registered in another EC member state. There’s more on this here

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, sorry.

0%Vat - if I sell to EU business customer I should create invoice without Vat(0Vat).

If you show it as 20% and reverse charge it, the 20% is taken back off again. Even at 0%, the monetary value is the same.

This is something I would double check with someone a bit more qualified than me however :wink: