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I am new to this and I really subscribed to the service to take care of my VAT returns which I beleive will have to be done using this type of format , though our company is very small and we only do a few VAT entries per month can we use quickfile to do only that part of our accounting ?

Ta - Ron

Hi Ron,

Firstly, welcome to QuickFile!

QuickFile has been recognised by HMRC as being prepared for the MTD roll-out, so once you are registered for that you can link your QuickFile account :slight_smile:

As long as you are following HMRC guidlines then you can use QuickFile how you see fit.

thanks for your reply we have been declaring our VAT online via HMRC Gateway , can we integrate with quickfile ?


Hi Ron,

Yes you can, but you would use Quickfile for filing your return. You will not be able to just manually enter amounts into each category as HMRC will need backup electronically, the VAT return on QuickFile is automatically calculated using the figures on your account.

Thanks Beth I will endeavor to get my head round that, but on trying to register with HMRC and link Quickfile I seem to be hitting a brick wall , not as easy as I expected any tips opn how to do it ?

Ta- Ron

Have you enrolled on MTD?

If you have then this should help - HMRC Tax Accounts

sorry for delay , no hav’nt enrolled but every time I try is says service not working please try later so I will keep trying and then follow your advice - Ta

Hi @smfreight

I believe the HMRC are doing maintenance on their website HMRC - Planned Maintenance on Friday 15th March

The website should be up and running as normal from 8.30am tomorrow.

OK - Thanks for your help

Hi Ron,

Just wondering whether you’ve successfully signed up for MTD now and whether you needed help linking your QuickFile account? :slight_smile:

Quickfile shows " A VAT return has been filed for the period 2018 December 01 - 2019 February 28" 5 days ago, but when I log into HMRC it sasys that the return is outstanding. How long would this take to register at HMRC?

Hello @MilleniumParrot

The VAT return is usually pretty quick.

Does the return have a correlation ID at the top? Was it a MTD return?

Hi. It has the status Saved, but it originally said submitted. In the history it still says submitted. How do I move this on?

When I view the VAT return it says submitted 14 March

Sorry, forgot to say this is MTD


You will need to click image at the bottom of the return and then re-submit.

Reports > HMRC > select the account > VAT obligations > you will then be able to select the corresponding period to upload

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I now have a submission ID so all good.

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