VAT returns - what does rolled back mean?

I have marked my last VAT return as Rolled Back. What does this mean please? Can it be reversed? Also when I go into my new VAT return is already has figures in each window but they are incorrect. What is wrong please?

Hi @Judith_Rothwell

A rolled back VAT is basically a return that’s been ‘undone’ in QuickFile, which would normally be generated by clicking this button on the return itself:

They’re not deleted, just hidden and can be revealed by ticking the box on the VAT returns screen:

The rollback can’t be undone, but you can submit a new return for the same date range. You mention that the figures are incorrect which could be down to a number of a different reasons. I’d recommend downloading the calculations to try and find out why, as this shows you how each figure is calculated:

Had you submitted the previous return to HMRC, or was it only generated in QuickFile?
Is this your first return, or have you done ones previously through your account?