Webhooks Beta is now Live

We are pleased to announce that our Webhooks implementation is now available for Beta testers. You can obtain the full documentation on this feature here.

Essentially Webhooks are small packets of information that are delivered to your chosen URI endpoint when a specific event occurs in QuickFile. They are designed to help 3rd party application developers synchronise activities across their business platform.

A good use-case for a webhook is to update a third party application with a set of client details whenever a new client is created in QuickFile.

If you would like to beta test this product please PM me with your QuickFile account number and I shall enable this tool for you. Once enabled you will find the option in the main list of account settings under “3rd Party Integrations”.

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Quick question @Glenn - if an invoice is created via the API, would this still trigger the web hook?

It should do yes, are you finding this is not happening?

In all honesty, I haven’t tried. Just wanted to check before I started playing with some code, and to know what to do in terms of generating an invoice in the script via the API.

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